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The history of neck pillows

   A neck pillow is an essential accessory for sleeping. And it has an unusually interesting history.
  The first pillows appeared in Mesopotamia. That is, about 6 thousand years ago. They were made of wood or stone. The accessory served not for comfort, but for protection from insects.
   In China, jade pillows were made. The head was kept in an elevated position to allow for normal blood flow. The Chinese believed that health and wisdom were found on a solid surface.
   But the Greeks and, of course, followed by the Romans believed that comfort is above all. Therefore, they made a fabric cover: linen or velvet. A feather with down, wool, straw was stuffed inside.
   Slavic peoples have always used goose down as a filler. But at the beginning of the 19th century, Otto Schneider, an Austrian physician, came to the conclusion that microorganisms harmful to humans develop well on down and feathers.
Pillow manufacturers are thinking: what can replace the fluff in them? After all, not every material is suitable for this.
In 1839, a method was discovered to vulcanize natural latex. However, it wasn't until 90 years later that Edward Arthur Murphy, a research chemist and talented scientist, found a way to turn latex into a soft, flexible, porous foam. Just whipped up the latex: rumored to be right in the blender. This is how the most popular and safest material for pillow stuffing appeared.
   There are no boundaries for perfection. In 1966, NASA researchers were able to create a viscous elastic polyurethane foam. The advantage of the material is that under the influence of the heat of the human body, it softens, crumbles and keeps the shape given to it. Adjusts to every bend. And when a person gets up, for a short time retains the received outlines, as if "remembering". This effect allows you to completely relax during sleep: the blood flow works normally, the muscles do not flow. Even a short nap on such a pillow gives a feeling of relaxation.
   The patent for the first orthopedic neck pillow belongs to Theodore Fox. This is an American physician who in 1988 made a sleeping accessory from bolsters in order to maintain the correct position of the patient's head. While Fox is not the first to take an interest in the invention of orthopedic sleep equipment, he has made the most significant contribution to the development of the industry.
   The orthopedic pillows that we know now are U-shaped. The accessory gently wraps around the neck, supporting it while sleeping while lying or sitting. Take the pillow with you on the road to rest comfortably. Moreover, the item is made of memory foam, which crumples perfectly. The travel pillow pouch only takes up 10x10cm of your luggage.
From a stone block under the head to an orthopedic device made of memory foam, as many as 6 thousand years have passed - the time it took to create a perfect accessory.


20 Aug 2021
Действительно интересные факты.

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