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   I want to rest on the road. Sleep and relax. Care should be taken to support the head: in an uncomfortable position, the neck becomes numb, heaviness or painful sensations appear. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to take an orthopedic pillow under your head for travel on the road.
  Royal Rest has developed neck pillows made of high quality “Memory foam” material. Memory foam is anti-allergenic material. Its main advantages are the absence of:

  • greenhouse effect - allows the skin to breathe during sleep;
  • rubbing - foam adjusts to the shape of the body;
  • irritation - hypoallergenic material is suitable even for children.

The material was developed at NASA for space travel. Its task is to maintain the body in the correct position. The muscles relax, there is no sagging or wicking effect.

   After use, the pillow itself returns to its original shape. The service life of the accessory is more than ten years.

  “Royal Rest has been operating since 2015. Our activity is aimed at developing new models and improving existing ones. We work on bugs based on the opinion of our clients. Every review is important to us. ”

   The Royal Rest travel pillow for travel, which we offer, compares favorably with competitors' models:

  • small dimensions - folded;
  • quick preparation for use - just pull it out of the package;
  • complete set - neck pillow, mask, earplugs;
  • quality of materials - we work only with certified manufacturers;
  • reliable sewing - the technology of hidden seams is used.

   Orthopedic pillow Royal Rest is completed with a bag. The whole set is packed within 15-20 seconds.

travel neck pillow

   Particular attention should be paid to taking care of a comfortable rest on the road or in the office for people with problems of the cervical spine. When choosing a pillow, you must definitely tell the consultant about your problem. Thus, our specialist will select the most suitable product.

  The key to the success of our company is the accurate selection of the Royal Rest pillow for the trip. Satisfied customers who recommend our pillows to their friends are the highest award for the manufacturer.


    We believe that choosing the right Royal Rest pillow is very important. The accessory provides a comfortable pastime on the road. Convenience and health are inseparable.

   During a conversation with a client, the manager finds out all the information about the person and only then offers the Royal Rest product.

   If the pillow is on, but the neck is not relaxed, when the head touches the side, this is the first sign of a wrong choice.

    A bagel pillow should be selected for each person separately. You need to consider:

  • growth;
  • weight;
  • age;
  • preferences.

    Painful sensations occur when a person falls asleep in an uncomfortable position. During sleep, the muscles of the cervical vertebra stretch, relax and remain in discomfort. Hernias, salts, protrusion of the cervical spine, etc. can also make themselves felt.

orthopedic neck pillow

    When choosing a pillow, you should ensure good head fixation. It should not dangle, overturn strongly on its side. While the head is on the pillow, the lateral muscle should not make itself felt.

If the choice is made correctly, the time on the road will fly by.

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