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Neck Pillow

Product code: RR-03

450 ₴
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Dimensions (L x W x H):
27 x 24 x 15


    HIGH QUALITY: You will get a high quality memory foam product that provides great support. The base of the memory foam is covered with an inner pillowcase and they are housed in a luxurious removable, machine washable plush velor cover.
    VENTILATION HOLES: Regular memory foam products heat up to prevent this, we have created airflow vents for better sleep. AIRED: All our products are carbonated for 7 days to dissipate the smell of newly created memory foam.
   VERSATILE: Great for sleeping on planes, cars, buses, trains. We have clients who use it at home, watch TV, read, study and take naps. It is also used by swimming pools and beaches.
    PERFECT GIFT: Great travel gift for birthdays, valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, weddings, graduations.
    BONUSES AND WARRANTY: Travel pillow set. You will get an easy-to-carry carry bag, your pillow can be squeezed to save you some valuable space. You will also receive a bonus sleep mask and earplugs to provide you with everything you need for uninterrupted sleep. We got a lifetime replacement guarantee.
        How comfortable is it to travel or travel long distances without a share in the neck ?????
The advantages of our pillow:

- Excellent neck support made of high quality viscoelastic memory foam.

- Memory foam is a viscoelastic temperature-sensitive material that shapes the contours of your own neck.

- Foam foam slowly compresses and provides little resistance until the weight is distributed over the entire area. When the weight is lifted, the memory foam returns very slowly to its original shape.

   The Royal Rest pillow allows your neck to rest in a completely natural and therefore tension-free position.

    The pillow relieves pressure and reduces fatigue as it significantly improves sleep quality. The Royal Rest pillow also stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and reduces anxiety during sleep. It is best to travel by plane, train, bus in the car, working in front of your computer, camping, lying on the couch, watching TV or on the beach, reading a book and more.

  Airis Memory Memory Inflatable Foam Cushion with Carrying Bag

- The neck pillow comes with a detachable car cleaning brush.

The ONLY memory foam padding backed by a lifetime, worry-free, free replacement warranty

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