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Buy a pillow for travel in Kiev

The capital of Ukraine, delightful Kiev, is seen daily by thousands and hundreds of thousands of passengers. Some leave, others return. They leave the ancient city forever or return soon.

   What does a traveler need on the road? We usually try to take only the necessary things so as not to overload ourselves along the way. Experienced tourists take a minimum of things. But among them there will definitely be a place for a small pillow under the neck.

   Sometimes you have to fall asleep on the road. Or conditions that have heard the word “comfort” only on TV. A person who has fallen asleep in an uncomfortable position in the morning is threatened with heaviness and pain in the neck. The head during improper sleep is tilted too low, or to the side. The blood flow is deteriorating, the muscles are stretched.

    The orthopedic neck pillow keeps the head in the correct position during the entire sleep period. As a result - good health and a charge of vivacity for the whole day. In whatever transport you have to fall asleep, upon arrival in Kiev you can go for coffee with a smile.


   Our orthopedic memory foam pillows are loved by office workers. It's nice to sit back with a pillow around your neck during a short break. Take a little nap. Strength returns immediately, fatigue from sitting in one position disappears.

   Royal Rest neck pillows are suitable for people with cervical-spinal problems. A frequent unpleasant sensation in the neck, heaviness can be considered a problem. This is due to improper sleep. Get rid of your pillow first. Replace it with an orthopedic one. This may seem inconvenient at first. But then it will be possible to note that the neck has ceased to hurt - as well as the head, back, etc.

    Before consulting with a specialist of our company, you should report the presence of a problem. You can contact a consultant in several ways:

  • directly through the site - through the chat window;
  • by phone - all relevant numbers are listed at the bottom of the page;
  • via messengers of social networks - any of your choice;
  • by mail - just send a letter to the email.

   The Royal Rest manager will be happy to select a pillow under the neck of each family member.

   The choice of a pillow under the neck is always individual. Physical parameters should be considered. This is height, weight, etc. Based on the data, the size of the orthopedic pillow is selected. Customer preferences are also important.

   Each Royal Rest bagel comes with a pair of earplugs and a sleep mask. Sleep like that. So that no one can interfere.

   The whole set is packed in a small cloth bag. The size of the packing bag is 10x10cm: it takes up little space in the bag. Putting a pillow down or getting out of it is a matter of minutes. She will straighten in a minute on her own. No additional accessories required.

   All orders placed before 18:00 are dispatched across Kiev on the same day. Later purchases are handed over to couriers the next morning.


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